• Radio - Helps you communicate with people from a far range. 
  • Map - Helps you travel to other places to visit to collect resources. 
  • Flashlight - Illuminates the basement when the power goes out, and can be used to signal for help. 
  • Gas Mask - When travelling, saves you from radiation (good for 2 times, usually for MEDIUM or HIGH radiation). 
  • Potatoes and Carrots - You will be able to plant them for your family to eat. 

Alive In Shelter has a Hard mode by default. If you want to change the difficulty you need to tap the red button on the main menu. In easy mode, you will get 23 second to collect stuff from your home before You start the adventure. The characters will have an exclamation point to let you know that they will die if you don’t feed them or give them water.

The game has DLC's that will boost you up and make the game easier, though if you favor the challenge of surviving without that help you will need to have a strategy when you go out to venture.

Potatoes are also the game currency. In the map you will be able to go to the "Shop" area and buy essentials to your place. Once you take potatoes from your house you will be able to plant the and get more. Keep doing so in order to get more of the currency so you can buy whatever you need. Once you have extra potatoes you can also use 3 of them to make alcohol which you will be able to trade for goods with a person who will visit your shelter.

Map areas:

*It is important to know, that if you forget to collect the map in the beginning of the game, you will only be able to collect food and water without being able to explore*

  1. Shop - In this area you will be able to collect different supplies to your shelter and also buy supplies with potatoes.
  2. Airport - In this area you will come across a hooded figure who will let you join his people and give you food and water every EVEN day number. Also there is a trap door you can go into but it will have a monster to fight, so make sure you have an Axe.
  3. Forest - In this area you will find a cabin, around it you will find different items you can take home like a gun, blueberries and wood. This is where you'll find the cook as well.
  4. Go further - Unlike the other areas, this area takes at least one more day to get to. One can get there instantly by bike.
  5. Go further- beach it will usually have a extra map piece and/or a car piece, there will be a crafting bench it has
Raft 1/2 8x wood and 2x wires
      1. Raft 2/2 1x Sheets and 2x wood + raft 1/2
      2. 6.0kg rations
      3. Fishing 1/2 xwood
      4. fishing 2/2 2xwood and 2xwires + fishing 1/2
  1. Shop#2 has random items like Tv and Pills/med kit
  2. Front yard
    1. Broken car needs (fixing?)
    2. Usually has coke behind the car it
Go further map
*Important: Always collect food and water last in each exploration, once you click the water and food you will return to the shelter.*

Characters can go missing in the game, either by getting attacked or simply not having enough food or water to support the family. Each time one of your characters go out to explore they will lose 50% thirst and 20% hunger. To avoid your character from running away because of lack of food simply feed and give them water before sending them out to explore.

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