The Shelter consists of five (5) rooms. (pictures will be updated soon)

  1. The Main Room
  2. The Rocket Room
  3. The Altar/Mining Room
  4. The Guest/Crafting Room
  5. The Farming Room

The Main Room Edit


A clear view of the main room.

This is the room where your family is located in. This room also contains different kinds of items and features, mainly the Shelter Door and Bed.

Visits from the Hobo occur here.

The family consists of Bob(father), Katrin(mother) and Ben(son). When you sleep, they get +20% thirst and +10% hunger. If you see a red ! above someone's head, it means they are about to die of thirst or hunger. To ration out water and food, tap one of family members. Tap the water and cup to give them water, tap the chicken drumstick to feed them. You'll know if it's selected, there will be a tick and a tin of food or a cup of water in front of them.

Sometimes your family gets sick. Tap the medkit and bandage to heal them. Again, you'll know the person will heal because of the tick and the small medkit in front of them.

Scavenging. Tap the boots to scavenge. Only one person can scavenge at a time, and only if they have 10/10 energy. Energy takes time to build, however everyone starts with 10 energy. Note that events like an attack and fires will lower energy. Also, before sending them out make sure they have at 40% water and 70% hunger at least, otherwise they will die.

Hold your finger over the medkit, gasmask to see how many more times it can be used. Hold finger over clock to see how long until your family automatically sleeps. To see how much food, water and gasoline you have left, hold finger over the item. Check the Plague level before scavenging, if it's High or Medium and you have no gasmask, your family will get sick. The calendar is important if you are trying the monk ending.Tap the bed to sleep for the next epic day.

NB: If you see bats on the light, they will eat your food.

The Rocket Room Edit


This is the room where the Rocket can be built/is contained.

The Altar/Mining Room can be accessed from here,to access:

build a ladder in the Crafting/Guest room.

This is also where 'other stuff' is found. Gommiberries, keys and car parts are stored in the yellow box in the bottom left.

The soul shelf is in the top left, when you kill monsters and the Hobo you get their souls. There are two types of souls, Wasted and Innocent. They are used only in alchemy. You can also see how many bones you have, hold finger over net bag underneath soul shelf. Bones are scavenged from dead family members and the dead Hobo.

The Altar/Mining Room Edit

This room allows you to Sacrifice other survivors.

This room also allows you to mine copper or trade with the Mole.

The Guest/Crafting Room Edit


A clear view of the guest room.

This rooms is where survivors/guests (Mysterious Doctor & Cook) stays in.

You can get Cook from the forest. She sits in the right chair. When you get her you go back to the shelter, she brings a carrot and the gold key with her. She automatically feeds and waters your family when they need it (80% thirst, 90% hunger).

The workbench is the first DLC you should get. It costs 300 coins (maybe 3-4 good runs). You can make: Manure-for farming, gas pipe and Medkit; TV-Rocket part 2; Slime-TV; Medkit-heal your family; Rocket Part 1-Rocket ending; Rocket Part 2-Rocket ending; Rocket Part 3-Rocket ending; Rocket fuel-Rocket ending; Axe-weapon; Teddy-keeps Ben happy; Ladder-To altar/mining room; Fuse-???; Wire-slingshot; Shovel-???; Ammunition-shooting, TV, Rocket part 1; Gold Bar-???; Bike chain-long journeys take 1 day; Blanket-replacement for ice-age; Slingshot-ranged weapon; Shuriken-ranged weapon; Stick-weapon; Poison-hurts monsters outside shelter;

Alchemy are potions that help your family. Read effects, to brew click the cauldron, then click the cauldron again (like workbench). To drink the potion, tap the 3 small glasses with the chosen potion (it grants effect to all the family). If it has an axe and knife crossed instead of the glasses, this means it can only be used in a Battle.

Turn the Filter on in the Farming room.

The Farming Room Edit


This room is where you can plant/eat potatoes or turn them into Alcohol. The Power Box and Furnace can also be found here.

To plant potatoes, click the planter box. Then tap the a plant icon and select a plot. Tap it, and your plants will start growing. It will grow on its own in 10 days, however with daily water and manure it will be ready to harvest in 3. When harvested, you will get 3 of whatever the original plant was. There are 3 kinds of plants, Carrots, Gommiberry and Potato. Gommiberry is used mostly in alchemy, potato is currency. Carrots can be traded for potatoes. To eat your potatoes, click the pallet in which they are held and then tap the fork and potato to eat (it is not turned into preserve) To turn your potatoes into Vodka, tap the barrel with the pipe coming out of it. Then tap the 3 potatoes and bottle picture to make 1L of Vodka. You can only make 1L at at time. If you need to water your family, Katrin and Bob can drink the Vodka. To drink your alcohol, click the pallet in which they are held and then tap the glasses and bottle icon. This reduces thirst, but intoxicates the adults. Note that Ben cannot use the alcohol as a water source, because he cannot drink the Vodka. Vodka is also used with the Doctor and trading with the Hobo for water.

The power box is used to turn on the Filter and charge Ben's phone. Tap the switch to turn on the power.

When it is 'ice-age', your family gets cold. Tap the furnace and then activate it by ticking the gasoline picture. You'll know it's ice-age when you see icicles everywhere. Note that you can make a blanket out of the Monk Robes, the family will automatically use it if the weather is cold, no gas required.

After it rains, the red bucket fills up. When you can see the water filled up to the brim, tap it. You'll get clean water, make sure to check if it is full often.

Warning: The pipe here occasionally break and will let out a toxic gas that will sicken/kill you if not repaired. It can be repaired with manure (permanent) or tools (temporary)

Trivia Edit

  • A game also made by Pokulan, suppose

dly to be an aftermath of the "Rocket" Ending, known as Alive In Shelter: Moon, makes a reference to this game by the rocket.

  • There could be a max amount of days,in which could result in a special ending.

    Death. (Special Ending?)

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    yeah also theres weird yellow dudes
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